BRAINHUB LLC is a STEM / STEAM enrichment education center in Fairfield, NJ, offering STEM / STEAM enrichment programs for K-12 learners. Our core programs foster the interests and skills of tomorrow’s thinkers, tinkers, makers, scientists, engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs and CEOs. Brainhub’s instructors are professional gamers, artists, engineers, scientists, musicians, filmmakers, animators, computer programmers, educators and more. We offer year-round afterschool and summer camp programming as well as birthday parties, field trips, special events and more. We cultivate students’ abilities to solve real world problems and strive to steer them toward ideal education and career paths that will maximize their skills and nurture their passions.


BRAINHUB founder Jackie Schatell’s son Dylan was her inspiration for the creation of BRAINHUB LLC, a STEM / STEAM Enrichment Center located in Fairfield, NJ – the first of what she hopes will be many such centers throughout the country. When Dylan was old enough to say that while he liked playing sports at day camp, he had no desire to play on a team during the school year, Jackie began searching for other fun educational curriculums for his after-school activities. The more she searched, the less she found in suitable class-like activities for children her son’s age. She wished there were more ways for him to explore his interests with like-minded people.

In 2016, STEM / STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) had just begun to be introduced into many school systems in NJ, and just a few small businesses in the area were offering STEM / STEAM -type enrichment classes for the younger set. However, they weren’t offering the variety of classes Jackie saw missing in the market as well as advanced class levels.

She began to talk to her son’s friends, other children and parents in the area and started making a list of skills the kids wanted to learn. She also began to realize the void of STEM / STEAM enrichment centers catering to elementary, middle school and high school students.

As a result, BRAINHUB was born creating an enrichment discovery hub for tomorrow’s thinkers, tinkers, makers, scientists, engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs and CEOs

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